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Getting Bamboo Flooring? What About The Optimal Rugs For Them?

Optimal rugs for bamboo flooring

Most interior design magazines recommend choosing the rug based on a plenitude of aspects, ranging from the color of the walls and fixtures to the purpose of the room, from the lighting fixtures and their illumination capabilities to the texture of the furniture. While factors should contribute to the final decision, the type of flooring is an often overlooked variable. This does not refer exclusively to the finish and color of the San Diego floors, as the wood category should also be taken into account. The following article refers exclusively to bamboo floors, listing a few of the conditions that the perfect area rug or carpet should meet.

Resistant to scratches and not susceptible to discoloration     

It is necessary to point out that the common misconception for homeowners who have only recently installed a bamboo floor is that the material is substantially more durable than traditional hardwood. Far from it, bamboo is equally (or more, for the cheaper versions) prone to cracking, scratching, denting, etc. This is the reason why rugs and carpets that are manufactured from certain natural fibers constitute a bad choice, as they are very likely to scratch your bamboo floor. True, they do bring along the texture component, but sisal, sea-grass and similar fibers should be avoided for homes with bamboo flooring.

Instead, any of the fibers like jute, cotton or silk are excellent solutions for this type of wood, which is technically a species of grass. If you are on the market for resilience, then wool fiber rugs are your best bet. Another characteristic that is mandatory for your new rug is the ability of holding the dye firmly. You don’t want the dye flowing onto the surface of your bamboo floor and discoloring it. To find out whether or not the carpet you want to purchase meets these criteria, check out the label. If the label says the rug is colorfast, than you have nothing to worry about.

Protection from sunlight  

As mentioned, the misconception that bamboo floors are more durable than their hardwood counterparts is widespread and this extends to their UV resilience. As a matter of fact, all flooring is susceptible to fading sooner, irrespective of the coating. This process is accelerated by the amount of sunlight that falls directly on the flooring, which is why you will need to ensure that the rug can protect the bamboo.

If you are shopping for a synthetic carpet, than the best fabrics in terms of UV protection comprise of polypropylene and acrylic. For natural solutions, cotton and wool are equally effective alternatives. The catch is that carpets with tightly woven fibers do not permit light to penetrate, which means they can provide a superior level of protection. You can test the light repellant ability of the carpet by shining light on it to verify whether or not it penetrates to the other side.

Rubber backs are always bad

No matter what type of wood your flooring is made of, you should never utilize a carpet with a backing made of rubber. These rugs are designed for stone, marble or tile flooring, because they do not need to breathe. On the other hand, they virtually suffocate bamboo floors, causing discoloration.

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