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Bored Of The Same Old Floor? Accessorize It!

Looking at the same floor day in day out for years can be a monotonous drag. But fret not, monotony can easily be broken by accessorizing your floor. Yes, the same way females put on earrings, bangles, rings and many other things to enhance their beauty is the same way you make your floor more appealing to not only you but also to your guests. Here are some of the ways to beautify your floor:

  • Carpets

The most common floor accessory today is installing a carpet. With the various designs and colors, one is spoilt for choice. Carpets can make your floor look different especially if you choose bright colors. Be sure to consider your furniture and curtains when picking one so that you do not end up with an interior design disaster.

  • Area rugs

Just as the name suggests, they occupy a certain area in a room, unlike the carpet that can be wall to wall. The area rugs are smaller and they add a personal feel to a room. They also vary in color, texture and size; however, they make a big difference in a room.

  • Floor mats

These are for not only decorative purposes but also are useful in the house depending on where they are placed. Examples are like the bathing mat which prevents one from slipping in the bathroom and doormats that reduce the amount of dirt on one’s shoe subsequently helping to keep the house clean.

  • Floor art

Floor art is dependent on the type of floor one has. However, it is a superb way of ensuring that one’s floor is not plain and boring. This includes drawings, paintings and graffiti done on the floor. It gives the floor an artistic and unique look. Imagine going to another persons house and they have drawn maybe a lion hunting on the floor. When it comes to to floor art, one has to be careful as it has to be professionally done otherwise it will look like someone just scribbled on the floor.

  • Mirrors

We all know mirrors cannot be put on the floor but how can we use it to accessorize it? When you put large mirrors on the wall, they make the room livelier at the same time making it appear bigger. It would be good to see your floor from a different dimensions and the fact that you can see it through the mirrors gives the floor a makeover. Mirrors are also reflective surfaces and this helps in illuminating the room. Mirrors increase the light coming into a room. Actually, the floor greatly benefits from it and looks like new.

  • Suitable furniture

This does not change the floor but furniture can act as a floor accessory. Imagine a room with nothing but a bare floor with nothing to cover it. Even if the floor is of premium quality, it looks better with furniture, not just furniture, but appropriate and tasteful furniture! The furniture should bring out the best in a floor. If the furniture is brightly colored, then the floor can be neutral and vice versa.

When accessorizing your floor, it is good to ensure that whichever way you choose to do it, you still maintain your personal taste and style. These are just but a few pointers on how to make your floor more appealing to the eye!

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