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Cleaning and Maintaining Hardwood

Posted by West Coast Flooring Center – San Diego, CA.

Investing in new hardwood flooring can contribute greatly to the atmosphere and aesthetic of your house. Great looking hardwood floors give an “at-home” presence that welcomes you when you return and impresses and delights your guests. Protecting your hardwood is simple to do through routine cleaning, and you can remove dust and dirt before it wears away the floor or scratches and dulls the finish. Kids, pets, and the environment can all contribute to wear on the floor. Having trouble keeping your hardwood floors clean in a high-traffic area? Today we’re going to share some helpful things to keep in mind for anyone committed to keeping their hardwood floors clean and looking great.

“Things to Keep in Mind When Cleaning and Maintaining your Hardwood Floors”

Regular cleaning is key!

The first step to keeping your hardwood floors looking new is regular cleaning and dusting. This can be done using a proper tool such as a mop with a machine washable microfiber pad. Also, protective mats or rugs in particularly high-traffic areas can greatly extend the life of your floor.

Avoid damaging cleaning solutions.

Next, it’s important to note that you’ll want to avoid using certain types of cleaning solutions that will wear down your floor over time. You absolutely want to avoid using water or vinegar on your hardwood. Vinegar has an acidic base that can corrode the polyurethane finish applied to the hardwood floor. Water, on the other hand, can create puddles that get in between the cracks in your floor boards and cause the wood floor to swell and discolor. Further, soap-based cleaners will leave a film on the floor and cause it to become cloudy and unattractive. Wax cleaners are abrasive, and steam cleaners require moisture and humidity, which forces the wood to expand.

Prevent scratches to the furniture.

Finally, you’ll want to protect all furniture items on the floor with felt pad protectors. This is because items such as chair and table legs can leave permanent scratches on your floor’s finish. Floor protector pads will prevent damage to the floor caused by sliding furniture. Without them you may start to notice small, hairline scratches in the finish.

A clean floor is a longer lasting floor. We recommend cleaning as often as possible, with cleaners that are non-toxic, GREENGUARD certified, with no dulling residue, such as Bona Cleaner. We also suggest that you polish your hardwood every 2-3 months (depending on floor traffic) with a professional hardwood floor polish to keep the finish looking great. Sanding and refinishing should be done about every 3-5 years, again, depending on floor traffic.

We hope that you enjoy this helpful article on cleaning and maintaining your hardwood flooring. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact any of our friendly licensed flooring inspectors at (760) 736-4222. Until next time!