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Flooring Options for mobile home

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San Diego floors – What’s the best kind of flooring to put in a mobile home?

Water is the number one enemy of any mobile home, particularly those one’s which were made in the 1970’s. Particle board flooring was the main material used in those years. Particle board is a material made out of sawdust which was molded and glued together. This is why even spilled water or a flooded toilet can easily create soft spots on the floor. This increases the chance of incidents on your mobile home. Sadly, replacement, and not repair is the only San Diego floors option for particle board flooring.

There are far better materials which you could use in your mobile home. Carpet is a popular choice. Also, one of the most popular and low-priced choices of mobile home owners are plywood boards and vinyl tile flooring. Plywood board is a very sturdy material which is far stronger than particle boards. It is used as subflooring for your mobile home. Some home owners place vinyl tiles over it to create a more cozy touch into your home and also you can probably add an area rug over it to add up to its design. The problem with this setting is that vinyl tiles are very prone to dents and stains and are very hard to clean or replace. So you got to be very careful in choosing a vinyl tile design. Choose a texture designed vinyl tile so as to hide the dents on it if there are. Also area rugs could be a hassle when it comes to cleaning, for dust seeps in easily in this material and pet fur could easily get caught in its fibers. This would be a big problem if you or your children have allergies or are easily affected by dust related ailments.

LVT is a good all-around, flexible look for your San Diego floors. It’s a good option to consider for the entire mobile home. Sheet vinyl is a good choice for individual spaces.

Another choice of many home owners is laminated flooring or popularly known as Pergo. It is made out of multi-layer synthetic flooring fused by lamination. It is a good substitute for wood or stone in some cases for it is cost efficient and very easy to install. The good thing about this San Diego floors material is that it is very handy and that it is easy to clean and manage. Just remember to keep the planks dry for it easily swells and warp if there is water that sits on it in a prolonged time. Also it is necessary to sweep or mop it to remove dust particles which may scratch the decorative surface of the plank. There are also health issues that are being raised alongside this product. It is the formaldehyde present in the melamine resin found in laminate flooring which is said to emit volatile organic compounds which raises the concern for indoor air quality. Yet there are already chemical processes to reduce and neutralize formaldehyde emissions.

These are a few of the most preferred flooring materials used in mobile homes. These materials are both cost-efficient and easy to install. It all depends on your budget and motivation in installing these types of flooring. It is in the managing part which holds the key into long lasting and durable mobile home San Diego floors.