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Down To The Floor – 5 Most Affordable Types Of Flooring

Five affordable types of flooring

When you move in to a new house, it is not the walls that speak to you, it is the floors. Anyone who has moved in to a house that had missing tiles and ugly floors has had the impulse to cover the floors as best as they could. Most people, especially in cases of leased houses, are careful not to do anything permanent, so they look for cheaper alternatives that would act as quick fixes.

In other circumstances, homeowners who want to ensure their houses are up to standard, look for floor covering that will be beautiful, durable and most important of all affordable. Therefore, what does the market have to offer?

  1. Bamboo floors

As the name suggests, these floors are made from bamboo. These types of floors have dominated architecture in Asia especially in China and Japan. It is affordable and at the same time durable as it is not easily attacked by pests. Its durability is also compared to hardwoods especially mahogany. The only challenge with bamboo floors is cleaning them, as they will need to be polished once in a while; but beauty is pain.

  1. Ceramic tiling

Ceramic tiles are made from porcelain, they have been traditionally used to floor bathrooms and cover bathroom and sink areas. This is mainly because porcelain is beautiful to look at, impervious and easy to maintain. Ceramic tiles used for floors are thicker and heavier that the normal bathroom wall tiles. They are easy to clean and maintain, and do not scratch easily. Their main disadvantage is they are brittle and crack or even worse break under a lot of pressure.

  1. Carpets and rugs

Carpets have an advantage over all other flooring in that they are not labor intensive; they are just bought, and laid down on the floor. This is done for many reasons, they are a cover from cold especially if the floor, is concrete or tiled, they add aesthetic value to the house and can be used to ensure a constant color flow in the house when interior decorating. They are also important outside bathroom doors for wiping excess water in order to prevent slipping and falling.

  1. Rubber floors

Rubber floors come in different colors, they are used in the same way as carpets but they offer an adhesive like feature, which ensure that accidents are kept at a minimum. They are suitable for baby proofed housed or houses where there is a likelihood of accidents. They can be used in offices as they reduce the noise caused by shoes when walking and are highly durable.

  1. Cork floors

Cork floors closely resemble wooden or mahogany floors. However, they are more affordable and easy to maintain. They come in a wide range of colors to suit your needs and are very durable. They are mostly used for apartment buildings as they reduce noise and are comfortable on your feet. They are used for domestic and commercial purposes due to the comfort they offer and their easy maintenance.

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