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Bamboo Flooring – Choose Both Green And Clean For This Brand New Year!

When choosing a floor for this 2013, thinking “green” is a good place to start. Natural materials are not just attractive; they do pretty much everything they can for the environment. It is important for everyone to play their role in saving the environment and besides that, choosing bamboo floors will help you own a comfortable and visually stunning home. What is more, bamboo floors can last a very long time with regular and careful maintenance.

How to clean bamboo floors

Cleaning bamboo floors

Cleaning the flooring is very easy and only requires regular sweeping using a soft brush. Bamboo does not do well with moisture and you should never use harsh chemicals or detergents on the floor. You will not need to invest in specialized products to clean your bamboo floor.

If you need to use cleaning solutions, use mild ones to avoid damaging the finish of the floor. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when buying cleaning products. You should also avoid using scouring brushes or scrapers on the floor.

Cleaning a bamboo floor weekly is often adequate, but you should use your judgment on this depending on the traffic in your home and the climate. When using a vacuum cleaner use a padded head attachment. A damp mop can also work quite well to get rid of footprints, hairs, dust and dirt. Make sure that the mop is damp and not too wet as moisture can damage the surface. When you use a damp mop, use a dry cloth or towel to dry each section.

Cleaning solutions

A water and vinegar solution is perfect for cleaning bamboo flooring. Dampening a mop with the solution will help to get rid of stubborn stains. Make sure that you clean up spills immediately they occur to ensure that the floor remains in good condition. Leaving the liquid on the floor will cause it to seep or penetrate into the bamboo surface and this can cause staining.

When dealing with sticky spills, use a paper towel or dry cloth to wipe the spill and then use a soft damp rag to lift the spill off the surface. You should avoid scrubbing or rubbing as this can push the spill further into the bamboo pores.

Protecting your floor

You should place natural fiber or bamboo rugs along high traffic areas to protect your floor surface. Areas like the entryway can experience scuffing due to dirt and debris from the outside. Placing exterior mats outside your door will help to ensure that debris or gravel stuck on shoes is not tracked into the house.

If you have pets, keeping their nails trimmed will help to prevent scratches on your bamboo floor. Using pads or floor protectors under furniture legs will go a long way in protecting your floor.

All in all, having good floor care practices will go a long way in ensuring that your bamboo floor maintains its look for a long time to come. With minimal effort, your floor will always look like it has just been installed even though you have had it for years. It will also reduce the need for regular floor renovations!

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