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Unlimited choice meets real-world responsiveness in the perfect universe of Masland’s Infinity Rugs. Choose from over 130 different standard designs, over 180 different colors, in nearly any size to create your perfect custom wool rug.

Ultimate luxury, superior performance and complete sustainability – that’s the beauty of wool. Natural Point offers a sophisticated look with its classic pindot design and a touch of texture for visual interest. Made of 100% New Zealand wool in seven nature inspired colors, Natural Point makes a lasting impression of beauty and quality in your home. Wool is the natural choice and Nature’s Thread is certainly no exception with its superior quality and outstanding beauty. Nature’s Thread is comprised of multi-colored yarns that feature a natural tone on tone variation that make this style easy to coordinate with other fabrics and colors in your home. Crafted with 100% New Zealand wool and available in seven inviting colors, Nature’s Thread brings time honored style into today’s interiors.
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