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Since 1966, Royalty Carpet Mills has grown into one of the largest carpet manufacturers in the United States. It has maintained a legacy of creating and producing the highest quality carpet products. Headquartered in Irvine, California, Royalty recently announced that Andrea Greeleaf has taken the helm as President/CEO.

In honor of her father and company founder Mike Derderian, Andrea is staying true to his vision of keeping Royalty competitive as a high quality brand with superior value products, on-time delivery, and outstanding customer service. She has charted a new course to include:

Updated brand ID with modernized visual identities for Royalty and Camelot
An impactful tagline – “A California Manufacturer”
Several new product launches for Royalty that include Starlight/Serenade and Cord/Chenille that continue Royalty’s dedication to keeping up with fashion trends

Andrea has made a point to emphasize Royalty’s brand commitment to staying on trend. She says, “As one of the largest, privately owned carpet manufacturers in the country, Royalty’s heritage has always been one of outstanding customer service, on-time delivery and top notch products at an excellent value. We are proud to say we’re ‘A California Manufacturer’ that focuses on staying on trend for our customers with durable and stylish designs.”

Royalty is the only privately owned West Coast carpet manufacturer vertically integrated throughout the manufacturing process, and is now the first woman owned carpet manufacturer. Andrea’s fashion, style and color expertise has influenced the company’s success and her leadership is expected to continue the trend. Royalty also holds two wholly-owned subsidiaries – PacifiCrest Mills and Camelot Carpet Mills.

Royalty Carpet Mills has maintained a responsible and highly applauded corporate profile dedicated to keeping the environment safe and sustainable. We are renowned as an environmentally responsible manufacturer of recyclable, sustainable carpets made in California. The carpet itself is tested and third-party certified by CRI Green Label +Plus. As a result of dramatically reducing the environmental impact of producing carpet, we can point to our unparalleled two-decade commitment and leadership in this area.
Air Quality and Reducing Our Footprint

Dedicated to improving and maintaining good air quality, Royalty complies with stringent California standards outlined by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), the strictest environmental regulatory agency in the USA. Royalty also makes real investments in energy/footprint reduction. Three methods for energy co-generation are employed that produce electrical and thermal energy. (1) Our generators’ engines use natural gas to create electicity. (2) Engine exhaust is used to heat our ovens. (3) The water used to cool an engine is recirculated to preheat our boiler water, saving more gas.

Royalty Carpet Mills delivery times are unsurpassed. We control all aspects of carpet manufacturing, from yarn processing through to the end product. This control allows greater flexibility throughout the process and enables us to react quickly when the need arises.

As a rule, if the carpet is not in stock at the time of the order, the backorder time is generally five (5) business days. In reality, most backorders are finished in 3 or 4 days. Our freight partners pick up everyday, so once the carpet is finished and delivered to our distribution center, it is picked up promptly and delivered to its new home.

Although carpet can be produced from of a variety of fiber types, over 90% of carpet produced today is manufactured using a synthetic fiber – either nylon, polyester or polypropylene. While both polyester and polypropylene have found their niche in the marketplace, the industry accepted leading fiber system is nylon.

Nylon will perform long-term much better than either polyester or polypropylene, and is the leader in appearance retention, fade resistance and soil and stain resistance. There are two types of nylon fiber available – Type 6 and Type 6,6. In side-by-side traffic tests, a carpet made from Type 6,6 nylon will out perform the same carpet made from Type 6 nylon. And, due to its molecular composition, Type 6,6 is a much more difficult fiber to dye, which also means it is much more resistant to stains penetrating the fiber. Type 6,6 has a 20% higher resilience level than Type 6 nylon, and that means your carpet will look better, longer.

Royalty uses only 100% Type 6,6 nylon in all its products. However, our commitment to quality does not stop at fiber. We take great care in using only the highest quality raw materials in other areas of manufacturing.

Latex is a synthetic compound that adheres the tufted carpet to the secondary backing. Royalty uses only the highest quality latex, which provides a finished carpet with superior dimensional stability and a tuft bind that greatly exceeds industry standards.
Secondary Backing

Secondary backing is the backside of the finished carpet. It has a waffle-like appearance and is instrumental in combining with the strength of the latex to provide the ultimate in tuft bind and dimensional stability. In general, the smaller the space between the “waffles”, the higher the “pick” of the backing is, thus insuring the highest stability of the carpet.

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