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West Coast Flooring has all of your carpeting needs from patterns to an assortment of color combinations, we carry it all. Find the widest selection of some of the most exotic and luxurious flooring at unbeatable prices. Regardless of the new look you are going for in the interior design phase of your home or office, San Diego Carpet & Tile has the floors you want. We have the best selection of some of the rarest and most unique styles, colors, patterns, and textures that will make any room come to life. We have some of the most select brands of flooring in the industry like Shaw, Mohawk, Fabrica, Royalty, Beaulieu, Masland Carpet. If you are shopping around and are
unsure of the right look to go with when selecting your new floors, then feel free to check out our design advice section where you will find the latest professional design advice from top interior designer, Marc Thee. We carry a wide variety of flooring options like carpet, hardwood, laminate, area rugs,natural stone and tile. We even carry natural cork and bamboo for a more eco-friendly and cost effective option that comes with a very stylish look. Feel free to explore some of our other services where you will find that we also provide quality carpeting installations for yachts. We have professional installation services to help your new floor be installed in your home with the highest quality of service by our very skilled staff. If you are looking for a more exotic look, we also have exported carpets and other floor coverings thatcan make your rooms stand out instantly. We are proudly servicing customers in the following areas for all of your flooring sales and installation needs.Visit our showrooms to see our large selection of in stock material.

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