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Transform Your Patio With The Right Flooring!

Pat·i·o: Adjoining the main house, a patio is an outdoor area of a house that is also commonly referred to as the backyard or a courtyard. It is usually meant for dining purposes, recreational activities like barbeque grilling. Often, it is paved and runs between a garden and the house. The floor has to be non-slide and porous to drain water and liquid substances.

Flooring an enclosed patio
Flooring the enclosed patio

An enclosed patio is an outdoor section of a house that is partially covered; not completely open air. Being creative and artistic is paramount in selecting the type of a floor to incorporate on a patio.

Here are some flooring options for patios.

  • Woody patio flooring

Wood is nature’s way of displaying serenity and beauty. It can be structural and aesthetic. Woody patios flooring is manufactured from quality timber and bamboo. This is by far the most spectacular way of bringing nature back to your yard.


  • Durable and is easy to take care of. One may say it is nature taking care of itself in most wonderful way.
  • Wood floor is restore-able, once damaged. A replacement is easily attainable and instant.

Flooring for enclosed and open patios.
Layering both enclosed and open patios

Durable surfaces are often considered in engineering these patio surfaces. Here are some common patio surfaces.

  • Brick surfaces

Brick paving is the most common and the reigning supreme choice of patio flooring. They are made from clay burned in hot funnels to bring out the hard texture which is durably colorful and slip resistance. This traditional ancient look brings out amazing displays. Patterns like basket weaves and circles give spectacular outdoor looks.

  • Concrete patio flooring

Naturally concrete is very durable and flexible when it comes to designs. Its ease of availability makes it affordable. Elegant piece of work is attainable gunning remarkable points among the patio aficionadas. Concrete patio floors make it possible to have a range of colors, finishes, some with salty rock looks done through the stamping process. It is disguised to emulate actual stones and other artistic objects used in flooring. Your patios will be subtly glowing ambiance when concrete-floored.

  • Stone patio flooring

Paving stones are naturally designed to give out amazing splash to your patio. Natural stones are premium choices. They are extremely durable; they survive all climate changes as they are non-susceptible to harsh conditions for instance burning sun, heavy downpours and the likes. Their beauty is elegant and timeless. Stone brings out a very natural and exquisite look to your patio.

  • Tiles

Tiling your patio with slate is one of the best options you have to enhance your outdoor. Slate is a natural material made from clay. Its fine particles are metaphorically derived from grained ashy rocks. It is durable, non-slippery and brings out eye catching effects where installed. This is due to its available color schemes. Tiles are amazingly shapeable and any imaginable shapes can come out of tiles to make your patio sparkle.

All in all, patios that are nicely constructed enhance your home’s beauty, reviving boring floors like never before. Go on, magically transform yours!

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