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What Floor Type Am I?

When choosing a floor whether for a new house or remodeled one, you got to consider the pros and cons of the various types available. There are numerous floor materials that one can choose from and advice is normally given on durability, texture and design. But how about using your personality to help to choose the floor that best suits? Here are a number of available floor types and the sorts of personality they suit best.

Eco-friendly flooring types
1)      Green flooring

This is the perfect choice for people that are eco-friendly. Green flooring has the least effect on the environment and on human health than the other floor types. With more and more people going green because of global warming, this would be a perfect way for anyone who aspires to go green and has the interest of the environment at heart.

Hardwood flooring types
2)      Hard wood

If you are a person who loves antiques and history, then hardwood is the best as it has the historic feel. It is also appropriate for people who do not like house maintenance as it is easy to clean. Apart from this, the floor is quite durable so that you don’t have to replace it often.

3)      Tile flooring
Tile flooring types
This is the best floor option for a social person that entertains a lot in his/her house. Tiles are very easy to clean and have a high resistance to stains. In addition to that, they last for so many years. This is good as a social person is expected to have guests and any spills will easily be taken care of as the floor is waterproof. Another advantage is that this floor can withstand many people as it does not scratch easily. This means you can be able to host numerous guests at ease and not have to worry about people destroying the floor.

Laminate flooring types
4)      Laminates

It is best suited for people that want a mix of both the modern and old. Laminates have a striking resemblance to hardwood. If one goes for style and convenience, then laminates is the way to go. Moreover, laminates are easier to clean. However, particles of soil and dirt can easily scratch it over time and thus it needs someone who can regularly maintain it and ensure it is always clean.

Vinyl flooring types
5)      Vinyl

Best option for someone who minds their money and want to spend as little as they can. Vinyl is the least expensive and has a long life. If you do not like spending, then this would be value for money. The best part, you will not be spending much maintenance time on these sorts of floor as they are quite durable giving you enough service as it is.

Marble flooring types
6)      Marble flooring

If you are artistic, then this is the type of a floor for you. Marbles can be placed anywhere within the house and can be easily cleaned. They work to an artist’s advantage as you can inscribe, engrave and draw anything on them. This makes it perfect to do any artwork on.

Next time you are stuck on what flooring to use on your house, simply look at your personality and use it as a starting point in deciding what to buy!

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