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Do You Know What Plagues Your Floors?

Floors are meant to hold your weight, the weight of your furniture, and everything in your house. If at some point, you felt your floor move, creak, or produce dust that looked fishy; you probably have a roommate. This is none other than pests that eat into your floor leaving your house burrowed and fragile. After a long time of their action on your mostly wooden and laminate stores, you cannot walk without creeks and breakages occurring.

Other flooring materials that can be home for pests are the carpet and the area rugs. It is important therefore to treat your hardwood floors before installing them to keep the pests away or discourage their occurrence. For laminate floors, proper installation and cleaning does not give room to any of the pests to infest them. Here is a brief look at pests as well as controlling the havoc they do to your floors.
Counter tops can attract ants and other pests.

  • Counter tops

Counter tops are used in the kitchen for preparation of ingredients as a chopping board and selection table, in the bathroom to hold soaps, shavers and other toiletries and in the living area to hold electronics and any other areas you might need them such as home bars.

The most popular pests you will find on the counter tops would be ants looking for sweet items and alcoholic substances on home bars and other substances that might draw ants to them. Ants are not that bad until they get agitated and they can give nasty bites, they are however destructive and simply indicating a sign of poor hygiene.
Laminate is prone to attacks from termites

  • Laminate floors

Laminate floors are fair game to termites, they are lined with wood, and they would have even the most oblivious termite rearing to go. They are constructed such that a burrowing termite would have to get the entry point at some other point such as the wall.

If it does happen and they attack the floor, you could be in for big surprises such as dust in your house even in the rainy season, creaking where there is not crack and worst of all, sinking floors where you walk into a room then the floor caves in. To mitigate against these events, the owner of the house is advised to ensure that the laminates are treated before installation and to fumigate the house before it goes to ground due to termites.
Area rugs provide an ideal habitat for a variety of pests.

  • Rugs

Area rugs and other types of rugs provide the absolute and best habitat for pests such as millipedes, aphids, crickets, and the rug worm. Though these pests are not that harmful, they are an eyesore to all who see them, especially the whitish look of the rug worm. Crickets are noisy and can cause disturbance to the house while aphids can be dangerous to your clothes and vegetables. Area rugs attract these pests when they are left unattended and dirt and moisture accumulates under them providing the pests with a good place to live. They should be cleaned and aired regularly.
Carpets attract dust which allow certain pests to breed.

  • Carpets

Carpets if left unclean for a while accumulate dust under them. In such circumstances, if you were to introduce a canine or feline into the fray, and assume that they are flea infested, the carpet, or under it would offer the best place for the fleas to breed, dusty conditions can lead to the proliferation of bedbugs and other unpleasant pests.

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