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How to Prepare for Carpet Installation in Carlsbad

Carlsbad Flooring: How to Prepare for Carpet Installation

Carlsbad flooring - preparing for carpet installation

Dilemma: I am having carpet installed in 2 days. What do I need to do to make sure I’m prepared for it?

Carpet is a popular option when it comes to Carlsbad flooring. It acts as an insulator, absorbs sound and is pleasant to the touch. Having made this choice, please follow these steps to ensure that your carpet installation will be as straight forward as possible.

Firstly, all objects and belongings should be removed at least one day prior to the scheduled installation. This will help you avoid any additional costs, for example some contractors may charge you more money if they have to move the furniture before the installation takes place. In addition, it will make the process quicker for the installers as the work area will be ready for them. Make sure that the company that you have hired to install your new carpet will remove, dispose of, and recycle your old carpet.

If you are removing your old carpet before the Carlsbad flooring contractors commence work, we would advise vacuuming your floor after the removal, as this will help to cut down on the amount of dust. Ensure that if you have long curtains, or drapes, that they are moved out of the way.

It would be ideal for you to make sure that you will be available on the day of the installation, in case the contractor has any questions for you, or if any problems should arise. In the event of such , your return to your home, would make solving them a lot easier. It is your home that is being modified, and you are the one who will make any important decisions. It is difficult to describe and relay such problems over the phone, and to resolve them for that matter.  Therefore, your physically being present if needed, should prevent any delays, and hopefully result in your happiness with the installed carpet.

Some factors to consider are, does the new carpet look as though it may be too high for the door gap? Is the placement of the seams in the optimal locations? For example, under furniture, or in a closet or doorway where they would be least visible to the eye.

Although not necessary, it would be advisable to have some touch up paint available, should you need to re-paint any scuffs or scrapes that may have occurred whilst the new carpet was installed.

Although we do advise being readily available for the Carlsbad flooring contractor, we do recommend that you do not stay in the house during the whole installation process, due to the chemical emissions given off by new carpet, specifically by the carpet cushions underneath the carpet itself. Ventilation is key, both during and after the installation. Ensure all windows and doors are opened to help the air flow in the room, we would also recommend using fans and turning on air conditioning if you have it. This should be practiced for up to 72 hours after the installation.  This will eradicate the chemical fumes that will be given off during and after the process. Furthermore, this will also help to rid of the new carpets odor, which can be unpleasant. In addition, we would advise removing any pets from the home on the day of the install.

Some people have been known to suffer side effects from the emissions such as a runny nose, watery eyes, headaches and fatigue. So providing good ventilation should help prevent the onset of any such symptoms.

In order to maintain your new carpet, we would recommend having it professionally cleaned at least once a year. As carpet care varies depending on the type of carpet, please be sure to thoroughly read your warranty, as this should give you specific guidelines on how to care for your carpet. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any further questions regarding Carlsbad Flooring.

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