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The Effect Of Cleaning Methods On Bamboo Floors

Because of their eco-friendly nature, durability, unique texture, color and resilience, bamboo floors are a common choice among many home owners today. Due to their widespread use, it is important to know how best to clean bamboo floors and also especially how bamboo floors are affected by cleaning agents. Water:[…]

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The Best Rug For This Room!

Have you ever wondered what rug or carpet would be right for each of your rooms? Rugs can be used to add beauty to your den, living room, office, bedrooms, entryways and other spaces in your house. If you really want to pick the right kind of rug for any[…]

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How Exactly Do You Clean Your Tiled Bathroom?

There is nothing as revolting as visiting a bathroom and finding it all dirty and badly maintained. This is not only revolting to the eye but the usage of facilities inside such a restroom is putting yourself in the harm way, health wise. With this being the case, bathroom cleaning[…]

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Choosing A Suitable Material For Your Home Rug?

In a lot of homes today, rugs and carpets are essential accessories that can liven up our living spaces. They have been used since ancient times across many cultures to add warmth, color and an aesthetic effect to our dwellings. They are favored because of the easy way they blend[…]

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All your questions about bamboo flooring, answered!

Going Bonkers Over Bamboo!

We all know that the world is going green, but well, the irony is that there is still need to use the same things that humankind is busy protecting. Construction material like wood has been the major cause of diminishing forests especially in third world countries. When it comes to[…]

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