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What is the best flooring for my stairs?

San Diego Flooring – What is the best type of flooring for my stairs?

Any homeowner who owns stairs in their home would really want the best type of flooring material available for it. And because the stairs are one of the most noticeable parts of the house it is a standard practice to have them look very elegant and noticeable (in a good way) as possible. The question is, what do you do and what type of flooring material should you use on your stairs to give it a very elegant and stylish look? The answer is simple; any flooring material could be used in your stairs as long as it is properly installed.

But one major factor that may affect the beauty of your stairs would be the accessories you install along with the flooring material which makes up the whole package. Thanks to the help of Quick Step a laminate flooring company which invented the first ever seamless flush mount stair profile, making your stairs elegant can be done easily. This profile system enables your stairs to look as if there is nothing on it but pure flooring. The installation of this material begins with the cleaning of the base flooring. After this process you may now then install the “quick step” sub profile by the use of finishing screws which are approximately 6 inches apart from each other. Also with this process be sure that you have thoroughly buried the screws so as to prevent any protrusion on the screws. The next thing you have to do would be to cut a piece of underlayment and attach it on the stair thread. Another reminder would be to leave a quarter of an inch between the underlayment and sub profile and to also not exceed under it.

The following step would be to cut a flooring piece for the stair thread and attach it on the sub profile. Next would be to cut a piece of flooring for the riser part and glue it on. Another reminder would be to do this process beginning from the bottom of the stairs going upwards. After you have installed these materials on to your stairs you are now ready to install the finishing accessory which is the Quick Step flushmount stair profile. This material has an aluminum support and a laminated surface. This shall fit any types of flooring for it has various designs available in the market. This accessory goes on the edge of your stair, and would simply click and be glued on to your sub profile so as to level it with your stair thread. And there you have it, a seamless stair profile design which certainly makes your stairs more elegant than ever.