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What Type of Hardwood Should I use in my Home?

There is a lot of confusion regarding what hardwood flooring should someone use in his or her house. But these confusions all go down to the types of hardwood materials available in the market these days. First of all not all hardwood floorings are all natural, which means some of these hardwood materials sold in the market these days are manmade or what they called engineered hardwood floorings. Let us differentiate these two types of hardwood flooring and look at the pros and cons of the two.

Natural hardwood flooring:
This type of hardwood flooring is all hardwood from the very core to its surface. These are usually sold in planks and are commonly installed over a wooden subfloor. Also this material is more of a water resistant rather than the engineered ones due to the fact that it is all wood and that it isn’t glued together like the engineered ones.

Also this type of material is noted to be quite expensive when being installed due to the many things that should be considered prior to its installment. Lastly even with some notable cons regarding this type of material many are still a fan of it due to the added value which it implies to the house in the longer run. So many people see it as an investment.

Engineered hardwood flooring:This material basically mocks the characteristic of hardwood flooring. But the thing about this material it isn’t whole wood. In fact it is made out of several boards of wood stacked and glued together to create a brand new wood. This makes it a lot cheaper than the all-natural hardwood flooring. The good thing about this material is that it can be installed in any types of surfaces may it be concrete or wood. Also unlike natural hardwood flooring it doesn’t require a subfloor for it to be installed properly. But with numerous pros comes with it a little bit of con.

Unlike that of the all-natural hardwood flooring, this type of material tends to be damaged easily by water specifically moisture which could seep between the glued portion of the plank and seriously damaging it by possible bloating. Furthermore, this doesn’t add much value to your house when installed unlike natural hardwood floors that does.

These are just a few things that you should take note when looking for a hardwood flooring for your house. So regarding on what is the best type of hardwood flooring to use in your house is up to you. It all depends on the purpose of the material and how much your budget can afford.