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Tile Flooring San Diego – Best Natural Stone to put in a Shower?

Tile Flooring San Diego – Best Natural Stone to put in a Shower?

Tile Flooring San Diego options for natural stone showers

Some of the oldest and most beautiful types of flooring are made of natural stones. Stone floors are the only types of flooring used in medieval times when tiles made of mosaic and resilient floorings did not exist. Today, natural stone is used in commercial and residential buildings because of its durability and unique beauty.


Due to the innovations and improvement of machineries and equipment used in the flooring industry, there are now numerous types of natural stone flooring available in the market. So what’s the best option for tile flooring San Diego? When choosing the best stone flooring for your bathroom, there are many factors to consider such as budget, color, theme, texture, width and pattern of the stone flooring. Stone flooring are naturally waterproof, making them one of the most preferred type of flooring for bathrooms. Let’s compare the different types of natural stone flooring and see which among them fits best for your bathrooms.

Marble – this type of stone is looked at as very luxurious of all stones. It is durable, long lasting, and gives off a natural beauty. However, it is more porous compared to granite thus it should be sealed when used in the bathroom. This type of tile flooring San Diego is recommended that only professionals install it. The stone, itself, can be costly so we recommend to make sure to secure your budget before choosing this type of flooring. Lastly, marble flooring can crack, stain, and etch easily and it is recommended to be used in areas that have less traffic.

Travertine- Depending on the type of Travertine you are choosing this is one of the most popular natural stones today to use in your bathrooms. We recommend to choose either the filled and honed finished or the tumbled finished travertine when using them in this type of environment. The filled and honed travertine give a matte finish that softens the stone’s appearance. Tumbled finished travertine, adversely, has an antiqued appearance in natural color. These two different types of travertine finishes are a perfect choice with bathrooms because they are able to withstand spills most likely to occur in bathrooms.

Limestone – this stone floor is commonly used in commercial establishments today. It gives off a smooth and shiny finish and its color is ideal for the use of public institutions.

Granite – of all stone flooring, this type is the hardest. It has almost the same characteristic as marble except for its non-porous characteristic. It is moisture resistant, is durable, but needs to be frequently sealed to maintain its shiny appearance. Granite is commonly used in kitchens, and entryways because of the mentioned features.

Slate – this stone flooring made of quartz and other minerals is the least expensive among all tile flooring San Diego available. It is known to be moisture resistant and is recommended for bathroom use; some even use it as a material for roofing and outdoor flooring. Most types do not require a sealant. However, We still recommend to stain it from time to time.

To sum it all up, There are many stone floorings that are good for bathroom use. It really comes down to what will fit with your decor and budget. However, we would recommend either granite because of its durability or Travertine because of its appearance.

We hope you enjoyed this article about tile flooring San Diego.

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