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Dune Ceramics USA in San Diego
Dune Ceramics USA

A strong, adaptable and modern, quality item is the thing that offers Dune fired in its wide mixed bag of floor and divider tiles to blanket floors and dividers. On the off chance that you are arranging change your home, kindly don’t delay to utilize this kind of item. We rundown various reasons which we will help you to choose:

It is a manageable item that emerges from the mix of the area (clay), water and cooking.

It is an extreme and tough item with the progression of time, wear and environmental change.

It is a hygienic and against hypersensitive item waterproof character and with antibacterial properties.

It is an item slip that changes its surface completion, without changing its stylish manifestation, along these lines adjusting their exhibitions slip.

It is an item with endless outlines perfect for all tastes in arrangements, completes and colors.

It is an adaptable item to place in a wide mixed bag of both indoor and outside spaces or take enriching components.

It is a result of support basic, simple to-clean with a moist material.

Great improving choice, that Dune keeps on stretching, to make each one stay a novel and beguiling spot.

The midas Touch. Gold has been a well known pattern throughout the last seasons, both in style and beautification. It returns now, reinvented in organicand ultra-female manifestations.

Then again, especially vital is the mx of two of the most prominent colors in the 2012 Fall gathering: Honey Gold and serious temples, French Roast.

Besides, in the fundamental home improvement shows, we can discover numerous adherents of this patterns, for example, Roberto Cavalli, in his accumulation 2013. Emulating this pattern, Dune plays with surfaces and geometric examples in CARISMA and METROPOLITAN. Hill likewise offers other exemplary and more rich outlines wiht this color mix with ODISEA and wiht VALENTINA.

Ten Dune oddities for 2014 accumulation for everyone as stated by the style tastes and most cutting edge design.



2-Fifty Shades of Gray

3-The Midas touch


5-Oriental View


These are the six indisputed patterns of 2014. Rise cherishes the outline, WE ARE DECORATION, which is the reason we gather the oddities patterns, and we take after and translate them, both design and adornment. An escalated investigation of the catways around the globe and a profound investigation of the most inventive enrichment fairs are the consequence of DUNE 2014 Collection. A flow gathering throughout the following twelve months has conceived soil grown foods of innovative work: the colors and styles.

Lovely splendor, vanguard outlines and the blanket reliefs of Medusa Pure Gold, Pure Gold, Tiffany Black, Absolut, Capitone Argent and Capitone Or… Hill pieces provide for the Aura restaurant complex a rich outline that astonishes all clients and visitors.

Air restaurant, placed in Avenida Ranillas 7 Zaragoza (Spain) is an extensive complex that has figured out how to join style and refinement on account of the measure of Dune pieces that holds in its inside. Safe and quality ceramics that make up respectable and outline spaces; totally as per the class of the neighborhood.

The Manager of the complex, Iván Acedo, guarantees that “all the brightened spaces with these pieces have been designated by their clients such us fabulous” and noted that: “the finished bring about terms of Dune was great”. Acedo likewise says that even numerous individuals ask where they can purchase Dune pieces.

The venture administrators were Enrique de Luís, modeler, who was accountable for the outside outline of the complex and Joaquín Carbo, inside decorator, who managed to provide for each corner his essentialness in the extensive configurati

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