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Miramar Flooring:How to Get Hard Water Stains Off Natural Stone

Miramar Flooring:How to Get Hard Water Stains Off Natural Stone

Getting hard water stains off your natural stone is important for your Miramar flooring.

Natural stone such as travertine or granite are among the most popular natural stone choices for Miramar Flooring today. It is because of the simple fact that natural stones like travertine and granite give off an elegant and natural look to your kitchen and bathroom flooring. But there is one major problem that homeowners encounter when working with these materials, and that is hard water stains.

Water stains are perfectly normal and are caused by high amounts of mineral compounds found in your water supply such as calcium, magnesium and alkaline. Furthermore, poor cleaning habits can also contribute to the buildup of these stains. Here are some tips related to Miramar flooring which outline how to remove those dreadful water stains off your precious natural stone surfaces.

Miramar Flooring Tips: Getting the Hard Water Stains Off Your Natural Stone

Many abrasive cleaners today claim that they can easily remove tough water stains in a jiffy. But before you believe in these claims you should know that investing in these chemicals are just a waste of money and that there are a lot of items in your house which you can use as alternatives for cleaning these water stains. Simple items in your house like pure lemon extract or vinegar can be used to clean up water stains on your Miramar flooring. You can simply just spray on the extract or vinegar onto the affected area, let it stand for about 10 minutes or so, and then wipe it off. If the water stain has been there for quite some time then this would require several times of application to be completely removed. If there is already a massive buildup of stain then corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid maybe use in order to effectively remove it. Take heavy precautions in using these types of chemicals for this could easily irritate your skin; also use goggles while in usage of these substances.

If you are into hard labor and do not want to use any of the chemicals mention above then this is another approach which you can look into: Use a damp cloth in wiping off any dust particles that might be on the surface of your materials. Next you would rub the stained area gently with a steel wool (super-fine) in a circular motion so as not to damage the finish of your natural stone.

The secret in having clean and stain free natural stone material is to maintain regular cleaning. The same rings true for all of your Miramar flooring. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure,” and the same is true for having a clean surface. Constant cleaning would be the perfect remedy in avoiding those tough to remove stains. But if you are like most of us then you are probably too busy and don’t have the time to clean up your kitchen and bathroom.

Another option we can offer you would be to buy a water softener system.  This is a great option in maintaining and getting rid of those hard water stains but can be costly. This machine is connected to your pipelines and then filters your water thus lessening the buildup of stains. This might be quite an investment but in the long run it can be an ideal solution. Not only would you save money from buying those cleansing chemicals but also be freed from the rigorous cleaning and time you have to spend on cleaning the Natural Stone.

We hope you enjoyed this article about Miramar flooring – be sure to get in touch if you have any more questions about natural stone!

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