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Bellezza Ceramica in San Diego
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Belleza Group of companies has made it a tradition of Introducing Revolutionary Innovations. Since the start of the group’s manufacturing activities, we have been leaders in innovations. We are adding one more BELLEZA CONCEPT for the world to behold. We are proud to introduce to the ceramic world, the revolution called DIGITAL PRINTING. We have made all the technological as well as design and Development exercises and are ready to storm the markets with these mind boggling new products.

For details, Digital Printing Technology in ceramic tiles enables us to print anything and every thing onto the tiles with Unlimited & Everlasting Colours. Feel Effect with Punches, Grooves & Tappers. Unlike the limitation of same design on a number of tiles. With this technology, your logo or your photos can be printed onto the tiles.

Whatever you or your designer can image, Belleza can now deliver. We have made advancements in the technology to such a level that we can boast to be the real leader in Customer Satisfaction as well.

As our Channel Partners, Dealers, Distributors and Retailers, you can be elated to sell this great Digital Print Range to your customers. What you offer to them now can be made as exclusive to their desires.
Gaining the trust of all those who come into contact with the company is a priority goal that BELLEZA CERAMIC pursues throughout its actions.

BELLEZA CERAMIC is not seeking occasional consensus with customers, rather, its aim is to establish a lasting and stable relationship, Based on mutual trust.

Anyone who interacts with BELLEZA CERAMIC is first and foremost a person, not merely an (active or passive) business associate.

Producing stunning materials of impeccable quality is one of the most important goals that the company works towards. But it is not only high-quality products inspired by prestigious natural materials that BELLEZA CERAMIC aspires to; the customer-oriented approach adopted by BELLEZA CERAMIC has also led the business to offer a set of accompanying services designed to meet the markets needs
Belleza Wall Tiles has built a reputation for delivering high-end products. A systematic and comprehensive Quality Management System compatible with global standards ISO 9001:2008 & 14001:2004 certified by KPMG is followed at all stages to ensure high quality end result. Online quality control of our manufacturing from SACMI of Italy ensures that all the products go beyond being just good but exceeds customer expectations.

With the responsibility of every employee to implement and adhere to stringent quality policy, the products manufactured go through stringent quality checks. We strive to uphold quality at every stage to forge enduring relationships with our principals-customers, suppliers, distributors and resources partners. The QMS is reviewed at periodic intervals to check its effectiveness. The cutting edge technology at our disposal helps achieve excellence in quality.

Belleza Wall Tiles is committed to harness excellence by implementing strict quality control policy. Technology incorporated in our manufacturing plant is sourced from the best technology provides in the world.

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